Your Views on a New Fire Station

Cornwall Council seem to be pressing ahead with the proposals for a new fire station to replace the two currently in Redruth and Camborne with one new station, and another in Hayle.  Any reduction of a fire station tends to get people hot under the collar resulting in a petition being started quicker than you can say, well, petition. But will life be put at risk if this plan goes ahead? Life is at risk when the response time from the initial emergency call comes in to getting boots on the ground to deal with the emergency.

The Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) say under the current provision they currently reach approximately 44% of the population of Camborne, Redruth, Pool and Hayle including the surrounding villages within a 10 minute emergency response time.  By relocating Camborne and Redruth’s community fire stations, fire crews could reach up to 15,000 more people, approximately 65% of the population in the same area within 10 minutes of an emergency call.

The new facility for the Camborne, Pool and Redruth area would provide a community fire station crewed by both full-time and ‘On Call’ staff on a 24/7 basis.  The proposal does not represent a reduction in fire cover as the same number of fire engines and specialist appliances will be available in the area. The complex project also aims to relocate a number of critical support services, including Fire Control, Lifeline, Training and Workshops, as well as providing a new headquarters for the service in the area.

Hayle Community Fire Station will be crewed by ‘On Call’ staff on a 24/7 basis and potentially shared to form a tri-service facility, with South Western Ambulance Trust, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and CFRS working together under one roof.

However, the path might not be that smooth for the plan of a tri-service facility because of funding, and who pays for what. From experience, when various services share a building it quickly turns awkward when it comes down to rent, maintenance and who has the best offices. Let’s hope these issues will be sorted before a brick is laid.

Before a brick is laid, Cornwall Council wants to hear your views to the proposals. You can find more information about the plans by clicking this link HERE, or writing to Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, CPRH Consultation Response, Old County Hall, Truro TR1 3HA, or by emailing

The consultation starts on the 16th January.



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