Young People’s takeover day at Cornwall Council.

Last Friday saw a group of young people hold their takeover day at Cornwall Council. It was great to see so many young people at the Council raising their profile.

During the day, the young people were on hand to answer any question Councillors and Officers had, but more importantly, to ask questions too. The young people also showed a selection of films about young people.

There was a session where the young people could ask senior officers from the Council and Health. I was there too in my capacity as Lead Member for Children and Young People.

The question raised by the young people where on such subjects as do the Council have young people as a priority, CAHMS, Children in Care and Youth Services. It was great to hear and be subjected to a series of questions. Hopefully, those on the panel were able to answer all the questions to the satisfaction of the young people.

However, there was some concern from the young people on why there was so few Councillors in attendance. The young people also wanted to raise their profile with Councillors and will be looking to contact them in the future.

It was a great day and look forward to the event next year.

One comment

  • Fred

    If there are so few Cllrs in attendance how can they justify having as many as they do, half of them don’t turn up at meetings as well, yet still claim there allowances while the council cut back on essential services.

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