You must forget there is a pre-app for Shute Lane/Harbour Rd complex

In true Men in Black style residents and readers of this blog must totally forget a previous post on a pre-app for development of Shute Lane/Harbour Rd. It did not happen.

It did not happen as you should not know this pre-app was being discussed and how I as the local Councillor should not have informed the public about this. Well, this is according to the applicant, who sent me a rather curt email (which I replied to) me that I had somehow ‘breached what is normal practice by placing a pre-application in the public realm and in doing so, you have deliberately prejudiced further discussion.’

The trouble with this is the applicant failed to ‘tick the’ confidential box in the pre-app, therefore, by the rules, a pre-app is a public document and as the local Cornwall Councillor I am well within my rights of keeping the public informed. It was also on the public planning portal…

However, I must now ask you to forget this pre-app as the applicant has now ‘ticked’ the confidential box and this pre-app is no longer a public document. So you MUST forget it.

If an application does indeed come forward, you MUST all act very surprised as you have not seen it before. The following pictures are a figment of your imagination and you have just dreamed it.

Thank you…




  • Gilly Zella Martin

    It does not really matter to me as I can see it all in my crystal ball anyway.

  • ...

    Yes, his fault in the first place. This site would probably benefit from a larger building but do not think the huge scale of the 3 to 4 storey proposals and all those gable ends with their C20 looking shallow pitch roofs facing the harbour in any way reflect local vernacular or the distinctive character of Porthleven.

    CLP policy 24 expects development proposals to:
    – sustain designated heritage assets and take opportunities to better reveal their significance;
    – maintain the special character and appearance of Conservation Areas, especially those positive elements in any CA Appraisal;
    – conserve and, where appropriate, enhance other historic landscapes and townscapes,
    – protect the historic maritime environment, including the significant ports, harbours and quays.

  • Ruby C. R.

    Don’t you just love it when someone makes a mistake and then complains curtly to you, did the applicant give an apology I wonder. If he is so proud and confident of his pre-app I wonder what the problem is that it is in the public domain, and if he’s expecting objections then why not propose something more suitable intially, funny old logic some people have.

  • Malcolm.eddy

    Dear Councillor Wallis, Thank you for your hard work as local councillor it is very much appreciated.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Thank you for the kind comment. Much appreciated

  • Jenny Pearce

    Well perhaps now is a good time for the applicant to ensure his architect alters the plans and removes the ridiculous amount of huge yachts in the pic, to give a better vision of the actual area that the Blue Water type shopping mall proposal would actually be in!

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