You Have 21 Days Left

Previously on my blog I wrote about a position for a Councillor that has become available on Porthleven Town Council. As I said before, this position could be filled by either an election, or co-option. No one has asked for there to be an election (need 10 residents); so this position will now be filled by co-option.

From Friday 21st of October you have 21 days to write to Porthleven Council asking to be considered for the position. In that letter it would be best if you outlined the skills you could bring to the council, and why you should be considered. You can if you feel it to be of benefit include a CV, though this is optional.

Once the 21 days have passed applicants will be interviewed by members of the town council, and depending on those interviews someone could be selected to fill the position.

The address for the letter is:

Porthleven Town Council
Institute Cottage
Cliff Road
TR13 0EJ

Let’s hope someone applies!


  • Anonymous

    sounds like a daft question, i suppose you have to be a resident of the village to qualify?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    From memory there is three ways you are eligible:

    On the Electoral Register for Porthleven
    Your primary place of work is in Porthleven
    Live within 3 miles of Porthleven boundary (this point I am not 100% sure, but will check)

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