Work has started on Porthleven CIC’s car park

This week work finally started on the formation of the new car park for Porthleven. This car park will be big enough for at least 71 cars. The CIC were very pleased to award the contract for the work to Michell’s of Porthleven who along with two other companies bid for the work.

Porthleven due to its popularity has seen a large increase of visitors over the years. Due to the historic design of Porthleven parking is an issue. The only official car park is Cornwall Council car park Kittos Field. This however, gets full quickly, especially in peak periods. This results in people leaving Porthleven because they cannot park, or finding alternative parking, around the harbour or on streets. The directors at the CIC are hoping this new car park will help alleviate this issue.

The car park has been achieved by the award of £99,950 from the Coastal Community Fund. The car park project is not the only project the CIC are carrying out with this money. The other projects are: Community Marquee Hire, town trail, website and up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute. The latter project having been completed.

To attract people to use the car park, the directors of the CIC have set a competitive charging price. This will be £1.40 for up to 2 hours parking, and £3.50 all day.

The profits from the car park will then be used for community projects who can apply for money from the profits. The marquee hire business also runs on the same principle. This will give Porthleven a sustainable form of income for community based projects.

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  • Gill Zella Martin

    This is brilliant news, and I think the pricing for parking charges is ideal.
    I think all those involved with the CIC should be proud of themselves that they have, and still are, achieving very good results with worthwhile projects. It is an excellent idea to have any profits used for further community projects.

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