Work completed on reducing the risk of flooding along Methleigh Bottom

The river that runs alongside Methleigh Bottoms has been prone in the past to flooding. As happened last year when we were subjected to exceptional weather when this area did flood and for a period of time the road was closed. From the river busting its banks a couple of dwellings got flooded. It was mere luck more were not flooded. From this, Porthleven was awarded a pot of money to address this issue, and to repair other damage like the sea wall as a result of the storms.

The main area that was at risk to the river bank flooding has now been extensively repaired with a robust wall being built that should stop the river from breaking its bank.

The new wall to stop flooding

The new wall to stop flooding

This is good news for this area, especially those homes which were at risk or flooding or feared flooding when it rained heavily. As part of the investigation on the causes of flooding, it was found a small culvert was not adequate enough in some cases. However, there was not enough money to do this work too due to the expense of the work required. I am however, working with the agencies to see how funding can be found to address the culvert issue.

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