Wind-turbine appeal dismissed

Today, I received a number Planning Inspector appeal decisions, and in today’s mix was one that could set a precedent for wind-turbine applications. The Inspector has dismissed the appeal by the applicant for APP/D0840/A/12/2177957 Land south-west of Hals Grave, St. Issey, Wadebridge, Cornwall.

The main reasons for the refusal are:

The effect of the proposed development on the local landscape and the effect on the users of the adjacent Camping and Caravanning Club site, with particular regard to potential noise and shadow flicker.

However, the Inspector did point out this application would not have an adverse effect on the nearby AONB and the character of the landscape. That maybe a moot point with those who say it will, but that is the Inspectors decision.

The real interesting point in the dismissal is the impact of this turbine on a near-by business. The appeal decision clearly spells out that:

Although occupation of the camp site is transient, caravans and tents would not offer the same levels of noise attenuation as would a residential dwelling and the close proximity of the turbine would result in potentially unacceptable noise levels. No evidence has been produced to demonstrate that noise levels experienced at the camp site would be within acceptable limits.

The appellant’s plan showing the area at potential risk of shadow flicker clearly shows that the camp site would be within the area potentially affected. Whilst shadow flicker is normally experienced in dwellings with windows facing the wind turbine, most caravans have windows on all sides and it would not be generally possible to position them so as to prevent the occurrence of shadow flicker. Similarly the majority of tents would allow sunlight to shine through the material such that any occurrence of shadow flicker could not be prevented or adequately mitigated.

The proposed development would, therefore be prejudicial to the camp site, deterring potential first time visitors and returning visitors whose previous stays had been disturbed. The proposal therefore would have a detrimental impact on local tourism

I am sure this appeal with be dissected by those in the pro and anti turbine camp. As this decision gives support to those in the anti camp will have an adverse on a nearby business and more importantly, tourism.

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  • ricky

    I’m glad that horrible development on the green land on Mount Pleasant Road got kicked out by the Inspector the other day. He made some good comments about the importance of the Conservation Area. The Council planners wanted to build up there as well !!

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