When is a job not a job?

When is a job not a job? That might seem a strange question, however it is an important one when it comes to the actual number of jobs that have been ‘guaranteed’ as part of the support services proposals. Previously, those supporters of outsourcing have made a song and dance on the many extra jobs that will be created if the JV goes through. Worryingly, it now turns out that 181 of these so-called new jobs have actually come from those jobs that have come from redeployment.

This point was picked up by the Single Issue Panel and top marks should go to the panel for spotting this. I am told these jobs will now not be part of the guaranteed jobs. This is good news, but you cannot help but think it was all part of the plan in the first place. Furthermore, are there any other jobs coming from redeployment, or relocation that have been counted as new jobs that have yet been exposed? It really makes you wonder.

Another discrepancy is the amount of money that is included as part procurement. The council say it is £200 million, but BT have figures of £360 million. This point was sort of clarified today, with the man brought in to help the council in this deal saying BT would accept the council’s figure, but the figure could only go so low, or else the deal would not be worth entering into. Which sort of proves the point of the procurement side of the deal is the real target of BT.

These points and others were raised at Fridays SIP meeting. On Monday, Councillors will be briefed on the alternative plans, which is a little strange, as you would think the SIP would have had chance to compare in detail these alternatives against the BT offer. Then again, it was highlighted at the SIP meeting that the in-house JV (alternative to outsourcing) the savings could in fact be much better than first thought.


  • SL

    Hello Andrew What you said about BT procurement (i.e. figure cant be too low or it wouldn’t be worth their while) is so revealing about BT’s agenda. It is so clear that their only interest is making big profits out of procurement. They are not interested in improving public services or creating jobs in Corwall. Its about time the councillors sent these charlatans packing. Yes, I realise there are big financial problems ahead for the council, but surely councillors, managers and staff should be sorting out these problems themselves. When are staff going to be asked for their ideas on savings, efficiencies ? My idea, is could the council partner with other big unitaries to increase their buying/negotiating power and make big savings on procurement that would benefit our tax payers, not BT shareholders. I am so pleased that you have spotted that there is no proper business/financial plan in BT’s proposals. It was the same situation in 2009 of course, when big savings were promised with the unitary, but again there was no proper business/financial plan and not suprisingly, the promised savings failed to materialise. Please keep up the good work

  • Johns

    The more I see of this JV the worse it looks. The BT proposal presentation which gives BT ‘guarantees’ also carries the disclaimers: “This proposal is non-binding” and “all dealings, dialogue and negotiations are subject to the conclusion of appropriate terms and conditions.” In respect of the other Options being considered I do not see much energy being expended by certainly one of the Health Partners. Which surprises me in view of the material impact of the alternatives upon the NHS – that is if the alternatives are in fact being seriously considered. I trust that the Council do not think that this Options appraisal is just a box ticking exercise which once out of the way gives licence for the JV to continue as before. Certainly if I was making a decision of this importance I would want to see a full business case comparison of all Options and I would not be placing disproportionate emphasis upon guarantees from suppliers which are heavily caveated and described as “non-binding”. Actually, if it was our money being committed I’d want to see this … oh hang on a moment, it is !!

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