What I cost you, the tax payer

Much has been made (and rightly so) of MPs and Councillors expenses. No one was impressed with the excuses a lot of MPs came out with to defend their claims. I thought I would dispel a certain myth or misunderstanding that people think all Councillors are paid £30k plus.

The following figures I list are what I cost the Tax Payer in Allowances last financial year. This is recorded on my P60 if anyone doubts the figures. These figures are from 6th June 2009 (when I took up Office) and the 31st March 2010

Total Allowance  £11,834.19 (Gross).

I paid the following:
£1334.60 Income Tax
£811.95 Nat Insurance
£944.84 Nat Insurance Emergency Rate

Total £3,091.39

I received £8,742.80 (Net) of that. This includes all Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA)

On top of that Cornwall Council paid £811.95 in Employers Contributions

I also claimed 3916 miles. The cost of that is £1566.40 on the 40p per mile rate.

The total cost to the Tax Payer in my role as a Cornwall Councillor is £14,212.54

From 6th June 2009 till 31st March 2010 I attended  45 out of 46 meeting that I should attend due I am a member of that Committee. I also attended 33 other Committee meetings that I was not a member of, but attend to find information that could effect my area.

Here is the Link to my details.

This does not include all the Town and Parish meetings, meetings with the public or other meeting I attend in my role. I receive no mileage payments for these meetings and the costs are met by my Allowance.

I am not saying I am good value or anything like that, but I wanted to be honest in what I cost you, the tax payer.


  • Anonymous

    Mileage claims for other Cllrs for comparison please?
    Is a break down of your mileage claim available?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I cannot speak for other Cllrs on their claims. You will have to take that up with them. I believe you can find out about all claims (including mine)from Democratic Services.

  • Anonymous

    Surely you can provide a breakdown of your own claim?
    Nearly 4000 miles in 10 months,the figures to back up that claim,must be available to you,might be interesting to see what your predecessor claimed.

  • Anonymous

    You're pretty cheap if you ask me, some politicians wouldn't get out of bed for that amount of wages.


  • Cllr Andrew Wallis


    Democratic Services can supply you will a detailed list of all Audited Mileage Claims for all Cllrs if you request it.

    These are open for public scrutiny. I am not going to place every mile on my blog, but you will find that the miles I have claimed for are correct. You are more than welcome to check.

    You may also realise that many Councillors live many miles from County Hall. Some have over 100 mile round trip.

  • Anonymous

    Thought the idea was that less trips were to be made to county hall and cut down on expenses(mileage is of course tax free)

  • Anonymous

    that is probably below minimum wage,we sure are getting a bargain

  • Anonymous

    Minimum wage is nothing to do with it,its not a wage,its an allowance(cllrs dont even have to take the allowance),cllrs get an allowance to make sure they arent out of pocket,at this level being a cllr isnt meant to provide a living,cllrs are meant to have other jobs as Im sure cllr wallis does.
    Being a cllr is not meant to be a full time job,although some try to turn it into one.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    The work involved in this role is quite large. I made the choice to do solely do this. I receive no other income from other means.

    I could turn up for 1 meeting every six months as the rules say, or just turn up to the full Council meetings. I think this is not enough to do the role properly. By being an active part of the Council I am able to work best for those who have elected me.

    If they don't think I have, then they will not vote for me at the next election. Not many roles have a "job interview" every 4 years.

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