Web-casting – Back on the Agenda

The topic of web-casting will be coming back to the main meeting of Cornwall Council very soon, most probably at the end of March. The last time this topic was brought before Council it ended up in what can be best described as a farce. (Click HERE to refresh yourselves). From how the vote went last time, it seemed like a lot of Councillors did not/do not want to open up more meetings to the public.

My personal view is that all meetings should be web-casted. Maybe not live, but recorded and made available on Cornwall Council’s website. Maybe in time this will happen. The trick is now convincing those Councillors unsure (or worried how they would be seen) to extend the current scheme to take in other meetings. For a start, I believe Strategic Planning should be web-casted live just because of the strategic nature of the Committee, and most of these meetings are held at New County Hall. It makes it very difficult for people to travel the large distance to see how a certain topic is dealt with.

As to how the public feel about Council meetings being web-casted I have not had one complaint. In fact, most people said ‘well done’ and ‘now we can see what Councillors are doing and saying on our behalf’. I believe this is backed up by the viewing figures since May 2010.

The total viewing figures for the last 10 months are 46,957. This is for both full Council and Cabinet and is made up of live and archive is viewings. The further breakdown is live 677 and archived 40186. I believe these figures prove the Council was right (with a little persuasion from Cllrs Long, Rowe, Double and me with the original motion).

Let’s hope more meetings will be web-casted, but that will rest on those non-believers changing their minds and voting in favour of an expanded program.

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