We did it!

We did it, yes I said we, as without the support from the local community I would not have been re-elected. So the first thing I must do is to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who gave support and took the time to vote. I have now had a few days to recharge and I am feeling a lot better and full of energy after a long and exhausting campaign.

The second thing is to say well done to the other candidates who stood in the Porthleven and Helston West election. It must be upsetting not to win, but you should be proud that you stood up and put your name on the ballot paper.

For those who do not know the official result, they are as follows:

Andrew Wallis (Ind) – 706 (65%)
Liz Lane (Con) – 189 (17%)
Steven Gough (UKIP) – 156 (14%)
Richard Goedegebuur (LD) – 35 (3%)

I am still quite staggered at the winning margin, and again thank people for having faith in me.

The number of people who voted was 1086 out of 3401, which comprised of 521 postal voters. There was also 5 spoilt ballot papers. More details HERE

The new Council officially takes office on Tuesday, but for me the work has already started with current and new casework that needs to be addressed.

Finally, I am pleased to say normal blogging service can now resume and look forward to being your Councillor again in this term of office.


  • Gill Martin

    Congratulations Andrew, I am sure you will continue with the good work at a local and county level. You already have a track record of success as a councillor and this is additionally visibly evident within the local areas.

  • Gill Martin

    Incidentally, in my view, those that deliberately spoilt/defaced their ballot papers are pathetic, it achieves nothing. If people have a point to make then why not raise their issues with the relevant people.

  • Yep just echoing Gill’s comments Andrew, an amazing result, richly deserved.

    But what gets me each and every time is the low turnout, in my small ward 2,526 people couldn’t be bothered to make a slight detour and take a few minutes out of their day just once every four years to pop a cross on a scrap of paper to exercise a right that millions have died for in their name and countless millions world wide would love to have. It also leaves us with the fact in many wards more than 90% of the electorate didn’t vote for the winning representative which isn’t healthy for democracy. Lets just hope at no point in the next 4 years that anyone who couldn’t be bothered to vote doesn’t start criticising Cornwall or their Parish Council after they chose not to participate in the system that decides what happens to them.

  • Well done, Andrew! Your hard work and dedication to your community has paid off. What next? Chairing a committee at the least I hope!

  • Gill, Unlike many I see around me I actually take an active part in the community and always put my views on matters forward on a daily basis, raising them with whoever need be. But in politicians and party politics I’m totally and utterly disillusioned. In my ward the choice was Tory, LibDem, Labour, UKIP or Green and I could not bring myself to vote for any of them or their wretched parties and expressed my view as such on the ballot paper.

    I could have just voted like a sheep for one of the bozos on the ballot – dishonest as I have no faith in any of them.

    I could have not bothered going to the poll – like 2/3 of the population.

    Either of those options irresponsible.

    And before you suggest the usual, no, I wouldn’t stand myself because no one would vote for me. My policies would not be sufficiently self-serving enough to satisfy most people, who naturally tend to vote for the politician who promises the easiest ride for their particular demographic. This is one of the major failings of democracy: most people naturally only vote in their own narrow and short-sighted self-interest regardless of the evil consequences for others.

  • worried worker

    Nice one Andrew, amazing result!

    Completely disagreed with Gill; I believe spoiling a ballot paper is a perfectly legitimate way of registering dissatisfaction with political parties and would be quite suspicious of anyone who (bizarrely) labelled it “pathetic”.

  • Gill Martin

    between the lines,

    Firstly, I would never suggest that someone stand themselves for councillor, I myself would not stand for any election, no one would vote for me even if I did so I certainly would never suggest anyone does anything I would not be prepared to do myself.

    Secondly, I still believe it is better to vote for someone than to spoil ones ballot paper, I have no political agenda or interest at all, however, I do not believe that every councillor that happens to adhere a political party cannot make a good councillor. Despite personally preferring to vote for an independent, one of the candidates in my area was Independent then Conservative then Independent, I voted for that person every time because I believed they were the right person for the job and regardless of any political party adherence, that they would put the interests of Cornwall first and not Westminster. During their time backed by the Conservative party they in my view still put the interests of Cornwall first, hence the reason they left the Conservative party during the political point scoring exercise more widely known as the council 0% budget. Implementation.

    With complete respect to Andrew, I know he is completely honest and trustworthy, how do you know that any Candidate claiming to be Independent is not taking that stance with a view to being elected, when in fact they do hold political preferences/views and could well be Conservative or Labour or whatever else biased. In my opinion you have to take a chance somewhere, do the research on the candidates that you can vote for and just vote for the one you think will do the best for the local community and beyond.

    I have no idea whether you are female or male but Emily Pankhurst went to a lot of trouble to women the vote, and if you are male there are others that would probably gladly swop places with you to live in Britain and have a free vote.

    Having said all this, you are of course entitled to your opinion and it was your prerogative not to vote constructively, I however still believe it was a wasted vote.

  • A benefits assessor

    Well done Andrew. The hard work continues. Good luck. Rather you than me.

  • Armorel Carlyon

    Delighted to read the results in the WMN and splendid news to learn that the Independents have the biggest share of the seats. As an Independent Councillor of 40 years I find this very encouraging as for many years the main parties have been determined to eliminate us!
    Congratulations Andrew – how could I ever know what was happening in Kernow without your web site – keep it up – I never miss a post.

  • Gill Martin

    I labelled spoiling ones ballot paper as pathetic, wrongly or rightly so, in the context that not the person is pathetic but the action, as it is in my view futile because the vote is anonymous, therefore no one is aware of who exactly spoilt their paper, so in effect how does that actually represent one as an individual that does not approve. In my view it does not register dissatifaction properly if ones name is not there. On a petition everyone submits their name.

  • Thank-you for a thoughtful reply Gill. I must say you are very, very fortunate these days if you can find in your area any candidate that you can put your trust in to vote for.

    You are very much in the minority and ‘out-voted’ however. Two out of every three people now refuse to vote for any candidate in local elections. Most people now have no faith either in the political process, nor in any of the political parties, and rightly so; there is a complete failure of leadership and the entire farce is a confidence trick on the public.

    There are a few good people still struggling with the system, trying to make it function, and you may be fortunate enough to live somewhere where the local democratic process still has any meaning, but the majority are in my position of despair and hopelessness at the constant deceit and corruption of the political class.

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