We did it: 5000 Petition Signatures and Still Counting

Yes, we did it!!  In under three weeks, the magic target of 5000 signatures has been reached!! I really cannot believe how quick this target has been reached. I believe people have really got behind it, because they feel so strongly about what is happening at Cornwall Council.

The ePetition is near the 4000 signature mark, and the paper version is over 1200. The paper petition final total is going to be much higher as many of the paper copies have not been returned for counting! If you do have a paper version, please could you sent it back as soon as you can? I know the 5000 mark has been passed, but I really believe the total number will be nearer 6000.

There are so many people to thank who have made this possible to name them all would fill the page. I would though like to say thank you to all and everyone. You really have made this possible.

Now, once I have all the various copies and version in, I will present them to Cornwall Council for final verification. Then, I will make sure, along with my colleagues this is an agenda item at the next full council meeting. It will not be on the 16th, as the time frame for checking and getting all the petition in is a little tight!

I will keep you informed.

Again, thank you!


  • Gill Martin

    Well done Andrew, Ideally the meeting needs to be before the 16th.

  • worried worker

    Thank YOU Andrew!

  • Another worried worker

    Thank you Cllr Wallis. Could you please let us know via your blog the address that we we need to send additional paper petitions to? Your hard work on this is much appreciated.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Either send/leave it to County Hall and it will get put in my pigeon hall at reception, or send it to West View, 2 Peverell Terrace, Porthleven, TR13 9DX

  • karen Campbell

    Dear Cllr Wallis, I have just been studying the Scrutiny & monitoring overview of Council cabinet committee stuff and there is provision to challenge this under the grounds that insufficient notice has been taken of legal and financial advice. I am sure you are very familiar with all the oversight committees and Monitoring procedures. There is also a provision for insufficient consultation with stakeholders – arguably the wider public are stakeholders, not just the existing employees. Has this been tried? K Campbell

  • Andrew Wallis

    Dear K Campbell,

    You make a very valid point on the wider consultation. It is a point I shall be inquiring about on Monday morning!


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