Want to find out about the future of Helston Cottage Hospital?

This week details (well lots of words) were released about the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Cornwall. In a less than clear message, the future of Cottage Hospitals in Cornwall are in the mix and could be under-threat.

In-light of this, I have asked the Chief-Officer of the Health organisation this service comes under about the future of Helston Cottage Hospital. Whilst the reply to my question was not crystal clear this hospital would not be one that would close, I am content the reply given to me gave hope that the Cottage Hospital is not in danger of closing. I might sound a little cryptic, but I know of wider positives that are being discussed for this hospital which would help secure the future of the hospital.


However, residents of the Helston, Porthleven and the Lizard area have the chance to ask health professionals directly and the future of Helston Cottage Hospital, and the STP at the South Kerrier Community Network Panel. This is a public meeting and all are invited to attend this panel meeting. The meeting takes place on Wednesday 7th December between 6pm and 8pm at Cury Village Hall, Helston.

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