Voting – it’s important

One of the most important aspects of living in a democracy is the right of voting. It still amazes me that people still cannot be bothered to vote in local and general elections. They cite “they are all the same, or nothing will change”. That is just so wrong. A vote does count. It’s like when you hear people moaning about the Government and you ask them did they vote? They reply in a lot of cases “Nah, could not be bothered”. Well I say maybe if you did, you could have a different Government. If you look at the last general election the Camborne-Redruth Constituency was won by a mere 60 odd votes. The turn out at the last election was 65%. (click HERE for the 1945-2010 turn out figures)

Anyway, from this August Bank holiday Cornwall Council will be sending  electoral registration forms to the 250,000 households in Cornwall. It’s important that people fill in these forms and return them. In fact its required by law to provide this information. Most people fill these forms and return them quickly, but last year 78,000 reminder letters were sent out. Also, 8,700  visits took place to homes that had not completed them. That is an additional expense that the tax payer (you and me) has to meet.

In May 2011 there will be a referendum on how we vote at a General Election. This could have huge implications as to how we elected our MPs in the future. So its doubly important that people take the time to fill in these forms.

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