Voting – Do you live here?

The General Election is looming. We have a raft of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (“PPCs”) and MP’s pounding the streets with their troops delivering leaflets promising the world if you vote for them and the Party they are standing for.

I really have not decided who I will vote for yet. One person definitely off my “to consider” list is Philippa Latimer PPC (Labour) for the St. Ives seat.  That seat covers my area of Porthleven and Helston.  Why have I discounted her?  Well,  for the one and simple reason that she lives in London and “visits” Cornwall.

I’m sorry, but if you even want me to consider voting for you, a fundamental rule is that you live in the area that you wish to represent, not move to the area after you win (if indeed you do).

This issue has really annoyed me. So much so that I have decided to Blog about it. I have always tried to keep my Blog non-political, but this just takes the biscuit. I am sure Ms Latimer is a very nice person but surely they could have found someone suitable who lives in the area? Or at a push, at least lives in Cornwall?

Here is the link to see what has annoyed me so much LINK

The Question is: how many more PPCs don’t even live in the area they are representing? Or even in the County that they are standing for in Parliament?

Perhaps a list of PPCs who don’t meet these criteria would be a good idea?

I welcome your views.


  • Tech

    Absolutely agree. I'd also like to see candidates who don't constantly trot out the party line. Independently minded MPs over robotic party members who will go against their constituent's wishes and even their own better judgement because they've been whipped, too please. It's hardly a lot to ask is it?

  • Karen

    I'm quite shocked and surprised that this is actually allowed to happen. I would also like to hear Ms Latimer's views on the subject… that would be interesting. Well said Andrew. I'm 100% in agreement. It's true that most council issues are relevant across the board but I think you need to have a feel for the community before you can really be (and feel like) a part of something so tight-knit. That element is definitely missing with an outside candidate who doesn't reside in the area they are standing for. Let's see what happens! But again, well said, no point sitting on the fence regarding these issues!
    Regards, Karen

  • Anonymous

    Also… don't we have top execs in the council who not only live outside of cornwall, but are paid expenses to get to work! Surely that shouldn't be allowed.

  • Angus Lamond

    Even worse, Andrew, is property based multiple vote/vote 'flipping' gerrymandering of local and national election outcomes by people who don't live in Cornwall against the best interests of those who do as most visibly practised by the Tories:

    One person – one vote in the UK? Not yet!

  • Anonymous

    The really funny thing about this is that a Cllr who I imagined knew something about politics is suprised and shocked by this,where have you been?
    From the time of rotten boroughs this has gone on,ever heard of John Nott,David Harris,Candy Atherton etc etc,all parachuted in.
    Its been a long established custom that candidates cut their teeth on a Cornish constituency and then if they show promise theyll get a winnable seat next time,The Labour candidate is little more than a paper candidate,but if she does well shell be offered a seat that she can actually win,likewise a Tory Barrister from Surrey will run a campaign down here and if he does well next time hell get a winnable safe seat
    This time the Torys have put up a local candidate ,so lets see how he does,but personally I find it more worrying that a Cllr has only just discovered this,what interest in politics did you have before you were elected?

  • Tech

    Still not good enough, as I have said on the above blog link:

    "But why stand in a constituency that is so far away from your home in the first place? This *flying in* of PPCs is just not right IMO."

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I know of Candidates being Parachuted in, never thought different. Still don't agree with that either. My point is live in the area you want to represent, especially my area if you want me to consider voting for you.

    I am well aware of Politics so much so that it gets in the way of making decisions. I have found that items get turned down, not on merit, but because of another Party thought of them first.

    I got involved with "Politics" not because I wanted to do the Politics, but to do what's best for my area and Cornwall. You ever wondered why I am a Independent? It's because I don't want to do the Party Politics, but do the best job I can.

  • Adrian Jones

    I think this is a practical question, as well as a 'moral' one.

    Unless you shop, drink, eat, travel, jog, sleep, etc in an area, how can you know it and its people? And therefore how can you represent them?

    Of course, there are some experiences that are generic. But the issues that often matter, often are not generic. Being engaged in the debate at a local level really matters. Not least of which, one might end up changing one's mind!

    I suppose it is possible to 'understand', with a bit of brushing up, on a place one used to live. But if this were me doing it, I'd still want to renew my acquantance with that place.

    I certainly don't think one has to have lived in a place all one's life. Experience of other places and people is crucial.

    I wish her all the best; she sounds like a lively, involved person, and we (the UK as well as the Labour party) need that. I just think this is a bad decision by the selection committee, who should at least have insisted she move here.

  • juderobinson

    As the Labour Party is a democratic party and candidates are selected by the local party members in a ballot, you should really take this up with the local party, Andrew.

    The local members have the right to choose the best candidate to represent them and I think they made a great choice in Philippa. There is no question of anyone being 'parachuted' in and if Philippa is prepared to spend hours travelling as well as the spare time pounding the streets for a constituency she cares about, we should be applauding her commitment, not carping about it.
    I have no doubt that if Pip is elected, as she deserves to be, she will be a full time local MP, living in the constituency.

  • juderobinson

    And btw, Candy Atherton was not 'parachuted in' to Falmouth & Camborne. She went through a rigorous selection and won.
    As an MP, she lived here full time and delivered expansion in skills, investment in health and transport, the university in Camborne & Redruth and many other achievements. Compare and contrast that with any of the local MPs today, who struggle to get a pothole fixed.
    And Candy still lives and works here.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Jude,Candy had no links whatsoever with Cornwall before she was selected,she was a time served London cllr,wasnt she mayor of Islington or something? she was parachuted in yes she now lives here,so what/ shes married a local chap etc etc none of which has any relevance to the fact she didnt live or have any connection with cornwall let alone camborne before she was elected.
    Labour central and the Unions have a very very strong say in candidates,it seems who you know counts for a lot more than what you know…

  • Anonymous

    Lets not forget Candy was on an all female shortlist,that was imposed on the local party,later declared illegal,so please lets have none of this local party selection rubbish,do you really think(for example) miss Gould and Mr Drobney got to be ppcs on merit,laughable if it wasnt so pathetic,charlie Whelan running the show,what a sad sad,sight the Labour party has become…

  • Anonymous

    Still things could be worse we could live in Stoke(yep that would be bad) and have a list of candidates imposed on us and find out the candidate was a close chum of Lord Mandy of Rio, a TV Historian with the man of the people name of Tristan Hunt,imagine what your -dont when them posh people telling us what to do- voters in Redruth would make of that Jude.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt there is anyone living in Cornwall who wopuld want to stand for Labour

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