Visiting Penhaligon’s Friends

I had the pleasure to attend Penhaligon’s Friends open afternoon on Tuesday. For those who do not know the valuable, but sometimes difficult work the friends carry out, let me tell you. The friends support children, young people and their families in bereavement and serious illness.

Death and serious illness are difficult subjects to deal with at any time of life. The friends deal with these difficult issues with great skill and compassion learnt after near 20 years worth of experience. The friends moto is simple, but strikes the right cord – changing bereaved children’s lives.

During my visit – which is my second visit to the centre since I took up post – it was great to talk with the staff and volunteers whose passion for the charity is truly inspiring. You come away from the centre with the feeling of what can I do to help them carry on this good work. Funding is critical to the friends and I am pleased to say Cornwall Council is able to help them with this. However, they always need more. Which is why public support is so important.

So if you fancy raising money for the Penhaligon’s Friend, or donating a few pounds you can contact the organisation through their informative website – HERE


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