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  1. Hi Andy was a real pleasure meeting you today and having the opportunity to show you round, thank you so much for your kind words, it really does mean a lot and great to meet a Councillor with great musical taste :-)
    All the very best
    Andy and Julie

  2. As a trustee and committee member for Livewire I am delighted that you had such a positive visit with Andy and Julie. Having been involved myself for about 15 years it us always such a comfort to spread the word about the good work that is carried out at Livewire. Your role as portfolio holder means your endorsement of Livewire is so important to everyone involved. Thankyou for your time and comments , it means a lot. Your support going forward would be very much appreciated.

  3. Hi Andy,
    Sorry I couldn’t be there today but as an old retired fart I am enjoying myself in France. You will have seen from Julie and Andy the great work that goes on at Livewire. As Andy says try and come back for a gig. I know it’s a long way from sunny Porthleven but I can always provide overnight accommodation and a suitable beverage. The Trustees are all very proud of what happens at Livewire under the guidance of Andy and Julie and the rest of the fantastic team. If you want an example for the rest of Cornwall look no further. I spoke to Jeremy and I don’t know if he passed my message on but I was so glad to see who was on the new Cabinet, dedicated, sensible people and as Councillors go, young. The future of Cornwall is in good hands! Bryan.

  4. As an ex resident of Landrake, Cornwall we visited LiveWire when at the Saltash Regatta last week. What a fabulous facility for the youth, and music scene in East Cornwall and West Devon. This project deserves to succeed and attract continued support and funding from all quarters. Well done to all involved and we hope for long and continued success.

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