Vision Impaired Plan

After a busy week I had two meeting that I needed to attend, sadly they were at the same time and in different locations. One was Cornwall Sea Fisheries and they other was Licensing Act Committee. Considering I am the Vice-Chair of the later I thought it be prudent I attended that one. Most of the meeting was taken up with various procedural matters during Hearings and the way the Panels are set up.

Luckily I was kept informed what was going on in the other meeting by the power of Twitter. Alex Folkes and a member of the Twitter Gang kept Tweeting information (His Points).  So even though I could not be there at least I was able to keep abreast of what was going on.

Another meeting I would love to have attended was the Public Meeting in Wadebridge. This meeting was called by the Corp Resources OSC. This was about the possible selling off of some of Cornwall Council surplus buildings. (I have posted before on my views on this).

This building is one of the most modern buildings that Cornwall Council owns. The argument is that this building is underused and should be shut down and sold off. They want to move the staff to a new building in Bodmin (not built) as part of the centralisation plan, AKA “Vision Plan”. Now all well and good, but I still don’t understand why you need to sell one building that could be used, and build another one less than 6 miles away.

We are told the land is worth £10m and the new building will cost £12m (that’s if the build costs are even within budget!),so we are already £2m down.  The whole plan does not make sense. The Local Councillors are trying to save this building and I at this point fully support them. Here are the links to their blogs Cllr Scott MannJeremy Rowe.  They as local Members can explain it better.

Now you could wonder why I am blogging about something that is not in my area, or even close. I am blogging because my area could be effected when other areas are looked at. The current plan is for 3 “Hubs” Camborne, Truro and Bodmin (not yet built). I do worry what will happened for the Public and the Staff who may have to travel great distances to go to one of these Hubs. Its called a “Vision”, but in its current format I am more inclined to call it the “Vision Impaired Plan”

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