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After last weeks televised debate it seems that this Election has kicked off, or has it? For those who are more politically minded or interested in this subject it has. From the various Social Media outlets I read and follow in cyberspace everything in this Election has changed.

But, if you talk to the “man in the street” they hardly mention the debate. Why? Well, your guess is a good as mine. People have this attitude of no matter who gets in; they are still going to tax us more, either directly, or by some other means. They also talk more about the weather than Politics.

As for the Leaders, do people really vote for a PM when they place their X in the box? I don’t, I pick the person who is standing in my area who will best serve that area. Picking a PM is not going to change what happens in my area, but picking the right MP can.

Going back to the debate, Nick Clegg did seem to come out on top, closely followed by David Cameron. As for Gordon Brown, he looked slightly nervous as he did that forced smile a little too often. To be honest I was not that impressed with it all. Sadly people seem to be making more out of what suits, hand gestures and hair-do than actual substance and policies. As I have said before, it takes more than a TV performance to run a Country.

Will the other two debates be any better? Who knows, but one thing is sure those 3 Leaders will be having more “training” on this before the next one. So you will never really know what’s the true person or some polished training.

The final question is who will win the Election? The answer is, we will find out after 10pm on the 6th May when the Polls close and the count begins. My view at this stage is that the Lib Dems and Labour are fighting over the same vote as the more tradition Tory vote will vote Blue. Saying that, is there still that tradition vote around?

As for Polls, they should be taken with a very large pinch of salt. Anyone thinking otherwise should remember the Bradley Effect (link). Another factor I believe is being missed is that it’s not trendy or cool to be seen as a Tory voter, but when people get in the Polling Booth things can turn out a little different. This is called the “Shy Tory Factor” (Link).

Again these are my views, I don’t have any Party loyalties or blinkered by being a Member of a Party. I have always followed Politics since I first watched the 1979 Election as an 8-9 year old. I have also not voted for the same Party in all the General Elections since I was eligible to vote. For me the choice is down to two Parties. One of the Parties I have completely discounted as posted in a previous Blog.

At the end of the day it’s a long time in politics until the 6th May, and anything could happen.


  • Charlotte MacKenzie

    Andy you couldn't be more wrong here about one thing. Liberal Democrat activists may mostly be progressive and so see Labour rather than the Tories as natural allies. But their potential support is split between people who would rather have a Labour and those who would rather have a Tory government, given Nick Clegg is not going to be PM. This time I think some people will vote first and foremost to get the government they want – which is no doubt why Nick Clegg has said he will support a Tory administration. No-one who wants to be sure of keeping the Tories out and Labour forming the new government after 6 May should risk voting Lib Dem – or they may find they have helped elect an MP who will prop up a Tory govt.

    Labour candidate for Truro and Falmouth

  • cornubian

    Yes, if people vote for one of the big three London based parties again then nothing really will change.

    Sending Mebyon Kernow MP's to London would cause a minor political shock wave to travel up the peninsula, through the South West, all the way to Westminster.

    Elect a local champion who does not have to answer to masters in London, big business or the Unions.

    The only reason Wales and Scotland are doing well today is because they both have strong national voices in the form of Plaid and the SNP. Cornwall deserve the same.

    MK website here:

  • Richard

    Well I think your view as an independent is probably the best view I've read in the run up to the election. All the media storm seems to be focused on which leader is better or worse than which.

    It's an amazing amount of doom and gloom, how much poorer we will be, how many services will be cut, how much more power will be given to Europe – etc etc etc.

    I did watch a little bit of the live debate on T.V the other day and it was interesting just to see each of the leaders initial reactions, before any questions had been answered. That few seconds of footage told more that the reams of text I've read and opinions I've heard.

    I too will vote for who I think will serve my local area best. If that vote happens to be for a party that according to national press 'won't get into power' (ie any party that isn't labour or the conservatives) – I do not feel that I will have wasted my vote at all.

    In fact surely by the nature of a democratic election itself, even if the smallest of barely heard of national parties GETS THE MOST VOTES then they WILL WIN the election. Unfortunately the spin masters have made it seem that unless you vote for the 'big' parties, then your an idiot.

    I think personally it would be brilliant if the 'big' parties didn't get voted in this time around, it my dispel these rumors and we might have a little bit more interesting voting happening from here on out.

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