Update on Recycling in Porthleven

It’s always pleasing to see people making comments on my Blog. One of those comments was in reference to recycling in Porthleven. They did not leave a name, but they did mention a few ideas that were good, and needed  looking into.

The first one was on a compost bin at the cemetery for old flowers. I am pleased to say after a few phone calls a bin of that nature will be arriving there in the next few weeks. Probably around the 16th of April. 

The second one that I really thought was a great idea was on street recycling bins. Again, after a few calls this is looking like a possibility. I have put Porthleven down as a trial site for this scheme. Just awaiting budget approval, but Porthleven will (hopefully) be one of the trial sites for this. I think that’s a great positive for Porthleven.

It just goes to show how Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media can be used to a great effect.


  • Anonymous

    Great ideas – maybe it would be good to liaise with holiday companies to make sure they have some paperwork available in their holiday homes telling holidaymakers where the nearest facilities are and encouraging them to use them?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Yes, I agree. Once the new banks are in place I will be sure to inform those effected of the new facility though the Town Council, Press and talking to the companies in question

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