Up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute in Porthleven

There has been a long-term aim of the Porthleven Lights Committee to up-light the Bickford-Smith Institute in Porthleven. This aim is well on the way to becoming a reality due to the co-operation between the Lights Committee, The Porthleven CIC and of course the Town Council who are custodians of the building.

Last Saturday, Roger and Graham from the Lights Committee and myself and Damelza from the CIC spent a few hours investigating various lighting positions that will give the best lighting effect.

The plan is to do the up-lighting in three phases. The first is the west face of clock tower, the second the side of the tower, and the third the rear of the building. This will result in the desired effect.

The pictures below were taken at various angles, light settings and at different times.

I hope you’ll agree that even at this early stage of getting the lighting angles right, the results are impressive.








  • Gill Martin

    Excellent result. Massive plus for Portheven.

  • Jen Pearce

    Looks brilliant in the dark.

  • anonymous

    Look excellent.

    I don’t suppose there are ever any discussions about using the building for other uses? It’s such an iconic building in Porthleven, but using it for town council meetings / the clerk plus the snooker seems a waste of such a terrific and well positioned building.
    I understand, the building was gifted to the village to serve as predominantly a library for villagers – but how many villagers actually use it these days?

    Could the town council and clerk not use the village hall or somewhere else and then try to develop the institute into something that villagers might want to use. Library / elderly drop-in / young mothers drop in / museum / restaurant / educational centre etc etc. It would be great to actually go inside occasionally!!!

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