Two Years Ago….

Who would have thought it; two years (today) have passed since I started to blog. Looking back on some of the subjects has reminded me that without raising some important issue things might have turned out differently. I am still amazed how many people read the site and the page views per month reaches near 10,000.

For me, the blog is a good way to keep people informed on what’s going on, and it acts like some sort of therapy by explaining and talking about some of the frustrations and problems I face.

So, happy 2nd birthday to the blog, and please keep reading!


  • Gill Martin

    Are you sure there is not a health and safety rule against those candles.

  • Anonymous

    Great sevice for your constituents,thank heavens it hasnt degenerated like one local newspaper forum into a chance for two members of the same familly to talk drivel to each other,nothing is more off putting and it stops people reading,long may your blog remain drivel free and clear of the disgracefull personal comments to be found on that forum,often by people who dont actually have the first clue what they are talking about ,but feel the need to parade the lack of knowledge in public.

  • Geoff Ward

    You need not bother posting this comment, far be it for me to lower the tone of your blog, but can't your anon see how he comes across to those more intelligent than himself. He obviously reads the papers website to know what is on it. Therefore he is contradicting himself. Reading through the back posts on this blog he obviously has a personal vendetta against one of your contributers. Which I do wonder if you condone. He trys to be clever in the way he goes about it. but fails miserably. I also read the 'said' paper, and if he cares to get his facts right, the person concerned has never entered into personal disgraceful comments. It is obvious who is who on that website. I have to say, that on the papers website, each contributer does not appear to personally verbally attack other contributers as he appears to consistently do on here. Why does he not man up and put his name. I will be interested to see the reaction of the victim in this, when they read his comment on here.

  • Anonymous

    Disgraceful only has one L

  • Geoff Ward

    On a last note, as i wont be reading or voting anymore. Anon is the only one talking drivel, as reading back yet again at the past posts prior to the voting, there were more comments then than now, and yet this blog position in the politics awards has risen this year, while others have dropped i notice.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Dear Geoff,

    I have no idea who anon is, if it is one person, or a few. I tend to allow most comments. I may not agree with them, or what they say. This is because it is a thin edge of the wedge when I start to pick and choose which comments get published.

    I just hope people act like they would if they were talking to the person in real life.


  • Gill Martin

    Well as far as I am concerned, Councillor Andrew Wallis actually suggested to me, that I read/comment on his blog. Therefore I shall, until such time as he requests that I no longer do so. If anyone has a problem with this then I suggest they take the issue up with him.

  • StAustellAdam

    Anon really should come forward and identify him/herself. To talk about sniping whilst engaging in that selfsame activity anonymously is hypocritical in the extreme. Has Anon got something to hide?

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