Two days into the new Council

The new term of Cornwall Council started on Tuesday when those elected officially took up office. For old hands like me, it was good to see old colleagues, but it was also tinged with sadness by not seeing friends who had not made it.

Tuesday started with a welcome from the CEO before the induction programme started. I was pleased to see it there was no hard-sell, just the right information given so it did not overload everyone. Those behind the induction did a fantastic job, and they should be congratulated. Especially Democratic Services (and Miles), who were the real stars of the induction.

However, the main aim of the induction days was for the 123 Cornwall Councillors to meet, chat and get to know each other. After all, we will be working with each other for the next four years. I know it is hard to get the measure of people in just a few days, but I am very pleased meeting so many friendly and interesting people. I know this might sound like a cliche, but I have a good feeling about this council. Day one was long, but passed without incident.


The new Council

Day two was on the same lines as day one, a light introduction to the various departments and officers of the council. There was briefings on communications, finance, and equality and diversity training. Again, there was no hard-sell, but an overview on the current position the council is in.

The second day saw the first protest take place at County Hall. This was about the re-election of Colin Brewer. At least 80 protesters gathered outside the main entrance and gave their views to a handful of Cornwall Councillors. The protesters made it clear how they felt, but did so with respect and dignity. Those Councillors present listened, which I hope the protesters appreciated. For me, I hope this situation is sorted, and sorted quickly.


Protesters gather outside County Hall

More training and briefing will be held into next week which will lead up to the 21st May, when the full Council meets for the first time. Up to that meeting, the various groups and group leaders will be meeting and re-meeting to thrash-out who will form the administration. As at the meeting on the 21st, the Leader of the Council, Chairman and deputy Chairman will be voted into office. When that is done, the administration can be formed.

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