In this week’s Cornish Guardian the Twitter Gang has made page 14 with the whole page devoted to us. Now I believe they trivialised this subject and not concentrated on the main points, engagement with the General Public.

Yes sometimes we do have some light hearted banter between each other, but we do transmit a lot of information from the meetings we are in attendance. I relayed the major points from the Special Cabinet Meeting on the Route Partnership Link and the Budget. People find it difficult to find out what going on in their local Council and if this helps them getting a better understanding then I am all for it and will continue to Tweet during meetings.

As with any technology that’s new or misunderstood people can get the wrong idea of how it works. The same was said on the Internet and Mobile Phones. I am of the generation that has grown up with the technology. I still remember my first computer in the 80’s with some fondness, the BBC-B.

I am sure we (the Gang) will get a lot of criticism on this press article, but how much will be from those who understand the technology? My guess it will be from those who have never heard of, used, or even tried Twitter (or other Social Media).

I will continue to relay information were possible. It does not impede my work as a Councillor in meetings. So where is the harm? I see more Councillors leave the chamber during the discussion for a short while and still vote. Has anyone made a full page article on that?

Here are some links from the other Cllr’s who Twitter
Steve Double

Jeremy Rowe.
Alex Folkes

Also, here is the link to the article online with the comments from the Public (Press Article)

Now if you do want to try this form of communication or “follow” me. Here is how. @CllrAWallis


  • Anonymous

    I too have grown up with this technology and understand it fully however have managed to live my life, communicate with others and keep informed of current affairs WITHOUT use any of the social networking media. Social networking has it's place yes, but it is entirely inappropriate for a counciller, who is supposed to be representing the people in serious debate, to be sending any, never mind frivolous shoolboy messages to his/her council chums. When representing the Council on official Council business (and claiming the expenses for doing so) then Councillors should give their whole undivided attention to that business.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Thank you for your thoughts. I was fully aware of the debate and I'm present during it all. If I felt I could not still stay focused and send a little tweet then I would not. I have the ability to Multi-task.

    If you see my attendance record I am one who attends a huge amount of meetings to keep abreast of what's going on for me to represent my Community. I also partake in those meetings in debate, even if I am not a member of the Committee.

    I find using Social Media a great way to keep those informed. Most of those frivolous comments were said in between Agenda items when no debate was even being carried out.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't it the fact that you were asked by another member of the council not to broadcast the meeting?
    You've shown a lack of respect for another member of the council and a totally unprofessional attitude…

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