Twittergate Pt2

I can’t believe the media coverage we have got on this. To be on the front page of the WMN and other papers is one thing. Then to find it being on BBC spotlight that very night after the story “broke” (it was a week after it had happened).

Today it went even further. It was being discussed by Chris Evans for a short period on his morning show and then, whilst Mr. Blair was going his Inquiry thingy we were the most read news item on the BBC web page, with the Inquiry second. (this did change by the afternoon).

A sort of no-news story get this coverage is surprising. I personally have taken on board a lesson learnt from all this. I shall now Tweet during Council meetings where appropriate and with serious points (well I might lob in the odd bit of humour). I am not going to stop, as I fundamentally believe this is a good way to communicate to those who know little about local government or wish to be kept informed.

I have had some very positive feed back from people, and I have had some negative. It’s all about a learning curve. I am human and not a robot. If people want a robot then I not that sort of person, nor will I ever be. I believe in what I say and do try and do the best for my community and Cornwall. Hopefully with this interest people will learn more about Cornwall Council and the Councillors.

It would have been nice for the report to cover all my Tweets as I generally do only keep to the points while in Council. I guess those who now follow me have found that out. Social Media is new to a lot of local Councils. Why, well generally most who held this position were older. Some of us are a lot younger and embrace this sort of tool. I am sure when computers first came in the younger ones (who are now the older ones) embraced it, whilst there then older Politicians thought no good would come of it.

I have taken on the points from various sides. I would love for you to keep tabs on my via my blog or Twitter.  If not, I am still more than willing to chat with anyone face to face. At the end of the day I am working for you, but remember I am only human and sometimes will be prone to the odd mistake.

I am going to post a few links on what others are saying. I have not found a blog that is negative to this issue, but if you do, then i will happily link it.

Here is Cllr Steve Doubles final thoughts on the subject His Views

One from the Editor of the Cornishman: Her Views

Anyway please (if you like) follow me @CllrAWallis and find out what I do

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  • Anonymous

    As you say, you work for us,the voters and youve been found wanting,not one comment on any board or forum has backed up the tweets that this is about.
    You and your fellow gang members have shown a total lack of dignity and class,this will be remembered by the voters.I presume your post is a sort of apology,good,i hope youve all aplogised to the Chair of the meeting?
    Please dont pretend this is an age thing,its a behaviour thing,look at some of the comments from young people,they think youre behaviour is wrong just as older people do.
    Now as you work for me,get working….

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