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Back to County Hall today (seems I never get away from the place). This time is was for Corporate Resources Scrutiny Committee. I am a non-member of this Committee, but considerings it’s about the Councils assets its important to know what’s going on  (you never know what building is going to be sold off next). It also covers other important items such as the functions of Communications

Item 9 on today Agenda was on Social Media and its use within Cornwall Council. This is a draft document and needs to go through a few more tweaking process before it becomes Policy. Here is the Draft Policy (Draft Policy).

I welcome this as I am one of those who use many different types of Social Media from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Texts to name but a few. I believe this is a good way to communicate and we should fully explore its use within the Council, and with the Public. Even though I am prolific user of this type of communication I still think meeting face to face can’t be beaten.

One of the future plans could be the use of Web Casting. I am not sure who will watch a full Council in action, but I believe if it gets more people involved and interested in what happens in Local Government then that great. (still has to be cost effective).

I made a comment at this Committee that this is a step in the right direction, but we still  not even got electrical power points in the various chambers to enable us (cllrs or public) to use laptops. If you want to cut down on the printing cost and read the Agendas via WiFi or on laptops then give us the basics. Just imagine how much money could be saved if we went paper less where possible.

I think The Comms team of Cornwall Council have made an important step. This is due to Annie who has worked really hard on getting this out of the starting blocks. I still find the whole process of getting this Policy implemented  as slow as “Dial Up”, but at least we are heading in the right directions.

Here are other links to views on Social Media  Cllr’s Jeremy Rowe
Alex Folkes

I am pleased that Cornwall Council is looking into this. Even the “Twitter Gang” that were present today got excited on this plan, but there was a moment of panic, when during this item Twitter could not be accessed for a while!

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