Twitter and how news travels

The world of cyberspace is massive, but it’s amazing how quickly something can travel in cyberspace. Today, I was contacted by an Officer from another Council just North of London who inquired on the merits, dangers and usefulness of Twitter and Blogging. You see, they had heard of “Twitter Gate” and wanted to speak to someone who has had some experience of using social media as a Councillor.
This Council wants to utilise social media, but wanted to avoid certain pitfalls that I and a few of my colleagues unintentionally fell into. Of course I was happy to help out on how I see and use social media in my role as a Councillor. This Council wants to use this, but a lot of their Members were worried about how to use it, and the dangers to it. I explained how social media at Cornwall Council had moved so quickly from “Twitter Gate” to web-casting of Council meetings.  Of course I was happy to explain how I saw and use these formats. I also got one more follower on Twitter which is always nice!
I did pass on the contact details of one of our Officers who to me is, Mrs Social Media as well as other Cornwall Councillors who Blog and use Twitter for their thoughts.

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