Truro’s Eastern District Centre Public Meeting

Last night I attended the public meeting on the planning application for the Eastern District Centre. These plans are for a new park and ride, Waitrose food hall, a Taste of Cornwall food hall and around 100 houses. Before the public meeting the Strategic Planning Committee had a technical meeting outlining these plans. The plans are due to go before this committee on the 15th December.

The public meeting was held in the council chambers at County Hall. A quick headcount established at least 200 people in attendance. Out of those 52 people decided to speak on the pro’s and con’s to this application. As with the last public meeting I attended on the stadium the audience this evening was more towards the senior element of society. In fact I would say there was no one from the public who was under 25 (closer to 30 really).
Many of the views from those against the planning application were on the harm to the landscape, wrong location, too many supermarkets already in Truro, harm to excisting businesses and highways issues. Out of the people who spoke 33 were against this.
The supporters were infavour because of the improving of the traffic congestion; especially for commuters, job creation, better business opportunities which it was claimed would good for Truro’s economy. These points and similar points were made by the 19 people who spoke in support of the application. 

Interesting in that the RCHT sent an official who was in support of the application. This was backed up with support by SITA. The City Council also made comment, and these comments were not in support of the application.

I got the general feeling there were more of the no camp in the chamber than the yes camp.  However, is this a correct representation of the general population of the local and wider area? This is always hard to tell as most people seemed not bothered until something comes to their own backyard.
I guess that’s planning for you!


  • Anonymous

    Talking to friends in Truro it seems that people are opposed to it but the apathy is due to the fact that people have little faith in the council and regard this as just another done deal behind closed doors

  • Gill Martin

    Bearing in mind that some people have the perception that some planning applications will be approved/declined regardless of public opinion. If it appears that the council have favourable opinions for or against an application, then rightly or wrongly it can be perceived that making ones opinions known as a member of the public can be a waste of time. This can result in a negative attitude regarding attending public meetings.

  • Gill Martin

    I posted my last comment before the first Anon comment was available to read, having now read the first comment, 'I rest my case'.

    You cannot really blame some members of the public for thinking this way, as personally, I have little faith in a good majority of councillors transparency values. I also believe that some councillors vote for things in a way which may gain them popularity among executive position councillors as opposed to what really reflects their views. (Oh how cynical am I)

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