Truro and the Drummer

The Internet and twitter has been buzzing with talk about the new ‘drummer’ statue that has recently been unveiled on Truro’s Lemon Quay. There is no doubt it has got people talking; which is partly what art is about.

I like the statue, but the meaning of what it stands for is kind of lost on me. Rob Nolan, the Mayor of Truro explained the statue symbolised “Cornwall marching to a different beat” Yes, I can understand that message, now it is explained.

It is its connection to Truro that puzzles me. Surely a statue that costs around £85k should have a connection to the town and area it is place in. This statue in my opinion fails on both parts. Truro and its past residents are famous for many things; surely this should have been better reflected in a statue.
As for the statue there is certainly one talking point and it’s nothing to do with a drum, or beating it. It is the complete reverse on how a classical Greek statue is depicted. Hate to say it, but it draws you away from the message (however confused) of the statue.
If I was honest, my first thought on seeing the statue was thinking it would not look out of place if it was sporting an Orange Sash. This might make it more suitable to a well known street in Northern Ireland than Truro.
Credit is however due to the people/committee who ordered the statue. They could have gone with the easy and cliché option of a miner, or fisherman, but instead went for the more modern (mild) shock option.
The great thing about art is its meaning is purely down to who looks at it. I am sure everyone will come to their own conclusion on what they see and if they like it or not.
The site ‘Truro People’ has more pictures HERE


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