Trinkets and Awards – TheTotal Politics Awards 2011

The Total Politics Blog Awards 2011 results are being released. There are many categories including the best LD/Con/Labour blog and blogger. Also categories for best media, left/right wing, non-aligned, MP and Councillor blogs.

So far, the Cornish bloggers have done rather well in the awards with Jeremy Rowe and Alex Folkes doing well in the LD category. MK and those left-leaning bloggers have done well too, with Rob’s Cornish Blog, Illogan Blogger and Dick Cole in the lists. The BBC’s Graham Smith also does well in the Media category (46th). Jude Robinson is 55 in the Labour category. No Cornish Tory blogger has been mentioned so far.

As for me, I have done well by coming 18th in the top 100 in the non-aligned category. Considering the 17 above me are professional journalists/bloggers like the BBC’s Nick Roberson (10th) and Huffington Post (15th) I have done amazingly. I might get a mention in another category because not all the results are out.

A huge thanks to those who read my blog, though not always agreeing with me, and taking the time to vote for me. And to Total Politics for running the competition.

Thank you

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