Trinkets and Awards Pt 2

After doing so well in Total Politics Blog Awards 2011 in the non-aligned category (number 18) I might have got a mention in the Councillor category. Today those results were released and to my shock and amazements I made it into the top ten Councillor blogs in the UK. In fact I came number 6! Last year I was listed 28

It was also a good day for other Cornish Councillor bloggers with six other names in the top 35. The Cornwall Councillors are Alex Folkes -7, Dick Cole – 13, Jeremy Rowe -14 and Jude Roberson -27. One other Councillor from Illogan Parish Council, Stephen Richardson was listed 16.

This is an excellent result for everyone concerned. Again, I would like to thank all who voted and please continue to read and take part in the debates.

And to top it all off I am listed in the Top 100 Political Blogs in the UK at number 88.


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