Tory’s win Mevagissey by-election

Voters in the Cornwall Council electoral division of Mevagissey took to the polls Thursday 6th November to elect a new Cornwall Councillor due to the sad departure of Michael Bunny who had to stand down because he became an employee of the Local Authority. The rules are you cannot be in the employment of the LA and be a Cornwall Councillor.

The results of the by election were:

  •  James Michael Mustoe (The Conservative Party Candidate) – 348
  • Michael Williams (UK Independence Party UKIP) – 281
  • Charmain Louise Nicholas (Labour Party Candidate) – 204
  • Christopher Stewart Maynard (Liberal Democrat)  – 197
  • Katherine Elizabeth Moseley (The Green Party) – 50
  • Therefore voters have elected James Michael Mustoe as the Cornwall Councillor for the Mevagissey electoral division. The turn out for this election was 32.53%

    This seat was held by Labour since the election in 2014 and from 2009 till 2014 by the Conservative Party.

    Congratulations to Councillor James Mustoe and welcome to Cornwall Council.


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