Tory’s take Camborne Pendarves from UKIP

In the latest Cornwall Council by-election, this time for Camborne Pendarves electoral division, UKIP has failed to hold on to the seat they won in 2013.

The seat was won with 350 votes by the Tory’s and I would like to congratulate (as I would all winners) John Herd for his win and welcome him to Cornwall Council.

It was a close contest with the Lib Dems coming a close second, with 14 votes behind the winner. Labour came third (220); UKIP forth (89); MK fifth (85); Green sixth (31); and the Independent candidate seventh (13).

Looking at the 2013 election to this by-election, the Tory’s gain was 0.5%; a gain of 29% for the Lib Dem’s; Labour gain was 1.8%; UKIP down 23.5%; MK down 11.8%. The Green’s gain of 2.9% and Independent 1.2% gain.

The vote share was:

Tory – 30.3%

Lib Dem – 29%

Labour – 20.5%

UKIP – 8.3%

MK – 7.9%

Green – 2.9%

Independent – 1.2%

One comment

  • Gill Zella Martin

    I am no particular fan of the Conservatives, but credit where due. At least John Herd stood as a Conservative and was elected fairly and democratically as a Conservative, so well done to him. It is a shame that a local Conservative chose to be dishonest at the last council election and misled the voters by standing as an Independent. I believe honesty is more important than anything else.

    I am not referring to Andrew who is genuinely an Independent and always has been, and has never jumped political party ships according to what is more likely to get him elected at the time.

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