I really do despair sometimes at some of the decisions and actions at Cornwall Council. We all know the story of the Olympic Torch coordinator and how it made the national and local press. At first it was said this position was for £20k for eight months work, and then I got emailed with the message from Cornwall Council that the true costs was only £13k.

Now, only an hour ago I received another email saying the £13k was indeed true, but if you add in other costs the position will cost the tax payer £17,395.  So, this means the original reported figure was not far wrong.  This mixed message on pay does not paint the council well.

If this £17k was the only cost I could at a push live with it. I still say this role could be carried out with existing staff, but for arguments sake lets say there is no one. However, when I am given the line of the economic and promotional advantages as the justification of spending more money I get really annoyed.

You see this is such a chance in a life-time the powers-to-be have decided to spend more money on this one day event. The Leader of Cornwall Council is going to stump up a further £75k from his Leader’s contingency fund. Yes this is the very same fund that found £50k to go on the failed Plymouth World Cup bid. Not only this, CDC is going to add another £50k to the pot. So a one day event will cost at least £135k!

A further excuse reason given is this one day event will generate at least £7m in spending by means of visitors. Again, I have been given details as to how this will be achieved.

  • 10,000 additional visitors to Cornwall staying for two nights each spending £275 per day (£5.5m)
  • 10,000 additional day visitors from the wider region spending £45 per day (£450k)
  • 100,000 Cornish residents spending £20 a day (£2m)
Is it right we can spend this amount of money for one day? After all this torch will only pass though only 20 communities and will be carried by around 150 people. On that last point, I hope all the torch carriers are indeed full residents of Cornwall.
I ask if it is right because I am constantly told that there is no money for any additional services. I can think of a few children’s play areas that could do with a little investment like Horseshoe Playing Field, Porthleven and Bulwark Road whose play park is non-existent. These children will get more out of play equipment than the Olympics.
I am counting to 10, slowly….


  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr Robertson
    I have this wonderful one in a life time opportunity to help a community Music Festival in Looe organised by some 'Big Society' volunteers for zip. Cheque for anything above £50k to be made payable to Looe Music Festival most welcome. Ticket holders from all over UK guaranteed.
    Thanks, Looe
    PS We are having our own torch relay as dont think we'll see the big O one.

  • Anonymous

    From what I can tell, Konsel Kernow is rife with double standards and mixed messages. Sounds like lots of people are paid an awful lot of money for doing jobs dreadfully.

  • Anonymous

    and just who are the people who decide to spend that kind of money accountable to?

  • Gill Martin

    Why are you counting to 10 slowly, the quicker you get there the quicker you can explode. You would be quite useful then for firework night. The Public could then make a guy like the leader of the council. Then you could apply for funding for it, as your own olympic torch ceremony.

  • Jules

    As Cornish residents, we'll probably go along as a family of four and watch the torch. So, Cornwall Council reckon we'll spend £80 on this excursion?? Assuming I go all out and buy us a pasty, I'm not sure how I could possibly spend more than £20, including petrol and parking. Hell, I'll buy YOU a pasty Andy, since I've got £60 left in my budget…!

  • Jen Pearce

    You do talk a load of 'Belgium Waffel' Gill, or should I say 'Wafel' Think I will apply for the job!!

  • Gill Martin

    Er, Think you will find the English is 'waffle' and belgique (Flemish) 'Wafel'. (Ga weg alstublieft)
    No good you applying for the job, you couldn't organise to light a match, let alone an olympic torch route.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Now, now please play nice 🙂

  • Gill martin

    Lol, Sorry I will try. Can't guarantee anything though. My 'organize' should have had a z not an s. Still, at least I do not make the mistakes the 'Packet' does. I put utmost and they changed it to upmost, and they left the 'o' out of The 'Countess of Wessex' one week.

  • Jen Pearce

    Ner Ner, got you into trouble Gill,lol. We must stop hyjacking other peoples websites.

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