Torchgate – Two Days Later

I am still counting and my anger has not subsided since I found out about the amount of money being spent by Cornwall Council and The Cornwall Development Company (CDC) on the torch relay. At first it was £20k, then £13k, then £17k and finally it was announced a fund of £135k has been put aside.

The cock and ball story on the numbers of people who will travel to Cornwall to see a torch being carried is a work of fiction and could be entered for a literary award. It is not only the numbers or people, but also the amount of money they will spend defies logic. Have these people forgot there is a recession on?

Before someone announced these figures they should have checked with the London Olympic Committee, or at least checked their press statements. You see, and I quote Lord Coe.

“The relay aims to go within an hour’s travel time of 95 percent of the population”

This is followed up by the Olympic minister Hugh Robertson saying:

The Olympic Torch Relay brings London 2012 to the doorsteps of the UK giving everybody the chance to celebrate the London Games

If Lord Coe and the Olympic minister say just about everyone will be able to see the relay in their own backyard, then why in all that is holy are the powers-to-be predicting such high visitor numbers for a one day event? Blind-Pew could see these figures do not add up.

If the Council was awash with money, then maybe we could spend this money, but it is not. I will give you an example (one of many) on how hard it is to find money for simple things.

For the last two months I have been trying to get the missing dog bins in Porthleven replaced. In total 5 are missing. I even said I would settle for three being replaced. You would think this is a simple process. Officers who I have met with to discuss this issue have been very helpful to the point of being apologetic, but they have said there is no money for the replacements; let alone any additional bins.

For the cost of a few hundred pounds I cannot get a bin (or three) replaced. But with one stroke of a pen £135k can be found. Have certain senior people at Cornwall Council got their priorities right?

It’s a joke, and this joke is not the funny type.

Oh, and I still want the dog bins replaced. Maybe if I call them Olympic dog bins I will get as many as I like!


  • janemac

    do we have a break down of EXACTLY how this 135k will be spent?
    To be perfectly honest you would have live on mars to not know that they olympics are here next year, whether you like it or not, publicity wont be an issue. the runners are volunteers, so no payment required there either. matches or lighters to keep the damn things alight arent that expensive are they? but i do know the cost of gas is due to rise…so perhaps that it?

  • Gill Martin

    When will those at Cornwall Council, sitting in their ivory tower with their elevated ego, realise that they need to start listening to the democratic voice of the public in Cornwall. The general consensus is, that this whole project related job manifestation, is an absurd waste of finance and would be better allocated elsewhere. If the theory is that visitors will be pumping more money into the economy, then dream on. We have more camper vans than ever this year, parking in free car parks and spending very little locally, apart from the odd supermarket shopping spree. Some of the proposed money to be wasted on this project, could well be spent filling potholes that the torch bearers will probably fall into.

  • Gill Martin

    I have come to the conclusion that some people working in a higher authority capacity that are affluent, or at least have never experienced financial hardship, have no idea how to decide how to spend public money. They do not listen to, or ask for public opinion, and consequently, they have no idea what is important to local people and indeed people of small financial means. Do some people in a higher authority position ever visit a library? use a bus? require adult social care? etc. Maybe they should have a walk about in some of the more rural or deprived areas and actually speak to people. This then may educate them as to how their financial decisions actually affect a good percentage of the public to the tune of being highly detrimental.

  • Gill Martin

    Thinking about dog bins – Hypothetically, if dog bins located within the residential area of some of the magniloquent members of the council, who are responsible for the distribution of funds, were no longer to remain in situ, it would become an interesting situation. Lets say the dog bins were to move and ensconce within the Porthleven area, one has to wonder how long it would be before the empty spaces within the original area of said dog bins, would suddenly find themselves with replacements, as the empty spaces now happen to be within the residential area of some person/persons who might then realise that they actually are needed within a community.

  • Anonymous

    Now theres a thought, get rid of all the dog bins in Helston and then have a sponsored dog walk with lots of dogs, up and down the Falmouth Road Helston.

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