Top Secret – Hush Hush

On Friday I attended a meeting that was not open to the public, even though the recommendations from this meeting could have an effect on Cornwall. What I can say is that this meeting took place in Camborne, it was on CCTV and the future of it. (I did argue the case for it to be open)

What I can’t say is actually happened at this meeting, even though I have said before and at the meeting that most of all this information was already in the public domain. You could refresh yourselves with a previous post I wrote that was not subject to these restrictions. Click HERE
Anyway, what I can say is this meeting took over 2 hours and a recommendation was indeed made. I just can’t say what the recommendation was, or how it was discussed. What I can say is this recommendation will be presented to the Communities Scrutiny Committee in October and then onto Cabinet for the final say in November. Yes, that means full Council will not have the final say. Sadly, only 15 Members of the Council attended today, even though it was a full invite.  
Because the powers-to-be decided that this information should be restricted I now can’t discuss any of the issues raised with either the two Town Councils I cover, and/or the general public until it appears on the Communities OSC Agenda. You can hardly call that being open and transparent.

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