Three supermarkets and a wall

Three supermarkets and a wall sounds like a film title, but its not. It’s what Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee has to decide this Thursday (14th Oct) starting at 10am. Click HERE for the Agenda.

On this Agenda could be the future of Wadebridge. Three supermarkets want to come to Wadebridge, two are recommended for approval with the other recommended for refusal. It’s going to be a long and interesting day in listening to points, views and arguments from the various pro and anti camps. It is then, after listening to all those points, that 21 Councillors that sit on this Committee will make its decision. Click HERE to see who is on the Committee. One thing for sure, one side is not going to be happy on the decision. For that decision you will have to turn up and watch the procedure, or wait till the news breaks. I have to in the meantime read over 600 pages of the report, including a Retail Impact Assessment.

As for the Wall, this is another chapter in the long and bitter planning application on the future of the Isle of Scilly link from South Pier, Penzance. I have to say this has almost resulted in civil war between the different factions that support this application, or don’t. There seems to be no middle ground between the respective parties. On opening my e-mails this morning I was greeted with 25 e-mails on this subject. I have voted for refusal and approval in the past, so you will have to either turn up, or wait for the news to break on how the vote goes.

In the meantime my coffee table is now awash with the reports and other associated documents that I have to read by 10 am Thursday. My fellow Councillor Jeremy Rowe has made enquiries for this very important meeting to be web-casted, but due a ridiculous decision that I and others have posted about, this is unlikely to be seen live outside the walls of County Hall. One step forward, two steps back springs to mind. This would have been a perfect situation to be more accessible to those who do not live in Truro.

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  • Shayne

    I agree on your last point Andrew. It would have been a great help to have a webcast. Come on Cornwall Council, it's the 21st century for (insert name of your chosen deity here depending on your superstitious beliefs) sake…

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