The Way To Finish A Day

Last meeting of the day was at a Resident Association Committee. A really nice bunch of people who try and do the best for their area, with probably little thanks or understanding for all the hard work they do.

I was there to give them some good news. I have managed to get all their railing painted. I have done this by using the Community Payback Scheme and a local business has given the paint for almost cost. The residents pay for the paint, I pay for the labour, and a business is helping the local community. Win, Win, Win!

How did the meeting end? Well, with bubbly and cake! I wish I could say it was laid on for me, but no, it was for a couple who are part of the Committee who were celebrating being married for 50 years!

Being thanked for sorting out the railing with cake and bubbly is one of the best ways to finish off a very long and tiring day.

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