The Toys Are Safe

Last week I found out an important service that Cornwall Council provided mostly through the Children’s Centres was under review; that service is the Toy Library. This review was to see if someone from the private or voluntary sector would take over this service. That to me sounds more like the cutting of the service as in this climate I very much doubt anyone of these sectors would take over something that is essentially free to the public.

In the Helston and the Lizard, the Toy Library is well used as during the last 12 months this service has been used by 483 families who have used this service over 1375 times. The service in this area is a mobile service making it vital because of the rural nature of the area it covers. This service costs around £3500 a year to run, so it is hardly a massive amount, especially when the Council (Cabinet) can spend £50k on a failed bid for Plymouth’s World Cup, or a further £120k on planning and development for the Stadium for Cornwall.

Annoyed at the possible direction that this service could take, I contacted the Portfolio Holder to express my concerns. He like me was also concerned with the direction and promised me answers. I have now been told that after checking the budget the Toy Library service is safe for the short to medium term.

This is extremely good news and I am very much grateful to the Portfolio Holder and his Officers in sorting this out and coming to a sensible conclusion. I can now dispense with the questions I have prepared for the meeting of the full Council.

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