The success of Young Mums Will Achieve

Life, when you least expect it can throw you a curve-ball which can change put you on to a new path. This could be falling pregnant whilst still at school. The consequences of dealing with all the pressures of becoming pregnant and in turn becoming a young mother, your education and taking those vital GCSE’s is often the first to fall by the wayside.

This is why the Young Mums Will Achieve project is such an important service provided by Cornwall Council to help gain those vital qualifications. This award winning project aimed at pregnant and teenage mums aged 14 to 19 years. The group meets twice a week to provide support, guidance and learning in a relaxed non-school environment. The programme runs for a whole academic year. Childcare is provided by Fit & Fun Kids and is fully funded as part of the provision on offer. Transport is also funded and provided for the programme by Cornwall Council at various locations throughout Cornwall. More information can be found HERE

This week I had the great pleasure to award certificates to over sixty young mums who had completed the course and had gained those vital educational qualifications; when it could have been so easy not to.

The different YMWA groups gave presentations on their experiences of the project, and how it had helped them achieve those qualifications. It was good to hear the young mums talk about how many of them have been accepted to do college courses. They were -and rightly so – very proud of their achievements.

It just shows projects like YMWA really work, and without these projects, most if not all would have not gained those qualifications that are so needed to get a job, attend college or university. to round the event off, all the babies and children either got a rubber duck, or bubbles.


  • A benefits assessor

    Funded, funded?

    Paid for by council tax payers surely?

  • worried worker

    As a single dad, I’m so tired of society’s one-sided view of parenthood. Everything from the rights of a father in the court, to the exclusion of them in Kinder Eggs advertising; the entire world seems to forget dads are 50% responsible for the creation of a child and should therefore be 50% responsible for their upbringing.

    /end of rant.

  • Andrew Wallis

    I totally understand. I am meeting with a single Dads group in a month

  • worried worker

    Hopefully not the one who vandalises works of art 😉

  • Instead of meeting with groups funded by the taxpayer aimed at lionising selfish, self-congratulating young single mothers who CHOSE to have children alone, are playing a system which is geared toward oppressing men and has led to a male suicide epidemic; so people who generally deserve society’s stern disapproval – not for having children without marrying or any such conservative nonsense – but for depriving those children of their fathers and revelling in cowardly injustice, and then trying to make out that’s ok because ‘next month’ you’ll have some sanitised, bullshit, partially or totally unfunded meeting with their poor damn victims – why don’t you meet with and support ‘the group that vandalises works of Art’ and find out WHY they’re vandalising works of Art? I think you’ll find they want all council and taxpayer funding for this disgusting and divisive business – which since getting the Portfolio you’ve embraced and defended like some turncoat prisoner given a laughable command over his fellow inmates in a detention centre – SCRAPPED, EQUAL RIGHTS given to mothers and fathers and so in turn their children – instead of whole families persecuted and abused on the basis of the repugnant lie that by waving a few teddies around and bleating about the ‘interests of the child’ spiteful, inadequate little officials insanely cruel decisions about their future can be blindly justified like the decision of Soviet officials made ‘in the interest of the people’ – and last of all of course they want, as does everyone not in that department – YOUR ENTIRE DEPARTMENT SHELVED AND ALL ITS STAFF SUBJECT TO PROSECUTION ON THE BASIS OF THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE IN THE SECRET FILES THEY KEEP ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC, ONCE OPENED AND SUBJECT TO PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Eh? WTF are you going to tell your grandchildren about this little episode in your life when reform has come? That you spent your time slapping single mothers on the back for being single mothers? That you went poacher turned gamekeeper with some whingy BS about ‘changing things from the inside?’ Have you lost your mind since joining the council cabinet? Where is your integrity? You’ve been given the power to investigate the corruption in your department – why aren’t you using it? Is all it needs for a pretty young mum to wave a fucking rattle in your face and you go weak in the head? ASK THE QUESTION! WHERE ARE THE FATHERS? WHY AREN’T THEY THERE? You know why. What the fuck are you playing at????

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