The Start of Cornwall Council’s Budget Process

On Monday 2nd September will see the start of the formal process of Cornwall Council’s Budget with a briefing for Councillors. The previous four years have been very painful and have seen huge reductions in the Council’s provision. For those who think we are out of the pain, I am sorry to tell you there is yet more pain to come.

The Council is looking to make a further £24m in savings for the period of 2014/15 just to balance the books. This is part of a total saving of £196m by 2019. This figure is a very big ouch. It also has me very worried on how we as a Council are going to meet these savings. As during the last four years the so called ‘fat’ has been trimmed to nothing. And back office function have been reduced to a point there is no real room for more trimming.

Now it is the turn of Councillors via the various Portfolio Advisory Committees (PAC) to look in-depth on the budget. Staff have been asked for their views too. As have the public, who are being asked to turn up and take part in the various public meetings that have been scheduled for September.

Be under no illusions, the forthcoming budget will be tough, but the following years are going to be very painful indeed. Let’s hope the Government sees the damage it is causing in reducing the funding to council’s before it is too late.

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  • Steve Haynes

    Basically, central government is dismantling essential local services under the guise of savage cuts. Essentially, it is social vandalism. I do not envy you the choices you will be forced to make.

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