The Stadium for Cornwall gets planning approval

Yesterday, at Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee, the full planning application for the Stadium for Cornwall was discussed. Previously only outline planning permission had been given. The plans for the stadium have travelled down a long and sometimes bumpy road.

Now finally, after hearing both supports and objectors to the plans, the committee unanimously voted to approve the plans. Only one Councillor abstained from voting. These plans have changed from what was originally planned, but it is still a good plan.

There are still a few matter that need to be sorted, like how the stadium will be paid for. However, it should be a lot easier to find a financial backer(s) now planning permission has been given. I doubt it will be tax payers money from Cornwall Council, as the current council voted not to use tax payers money in the building costs. Though this could change, as there will be a new council post 2nd May.

The committee was told by the applicants, the stadium could be built within two years if the finance is secured. I believe Cornwall deserves a large capacity stadium, and will look forward to visiting it once it is open.

Here are the possible designs for the new stadium:





  • A strange decision given the missing component is finance. There are literally dozens of new stadium projects sitting on drawing board up and down the country which look a good idea but are simply not fundable and sadly I think the Cornwall stadium will go the same way. The risk is that you will now lock up the potential of this site for years to come whilst the project sponsors find a way to make it pay. In the past local authorities have helped stadia development through land swaps and commercial developments to cross subsidise construction but those days are gone. Supermarkets, particularly Tesco have also cross subsidised stadium developments in return for a large supermarket on the site but that still leave the problem of running costs. Typical maintenance costs are around 1% of the capital cost and if the stadium costs £24 million then the operators will need to come up with £240k a year to keep in reasonable order. I can’t understand why they specified 10,000 capacity when 3,000 or 4,000 would appear more than enough and could have been financed more easily!

  • Christopher Smith

    Great to see the old Council go out on a high! A good decision. Maybe the money will come, maybe it won’t but what’s for certain is that it wouldn’t without an Approval in place. Having granted Approval for a batch of housing in return for the land, the Council was tied to balance the equation and grant Approval for this as well. If after a year or two it is clear that a funder cannot be found, well the options on the land can be re-visited again. Cornwall desperately needs some decent capital projects to get our economy moving and kick start the construction industry.

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