The Second Town and Parish Council Summit

On Saturday, Cornwall Councils Cabinet hosted the second town and parish council summit at Kingsley Village.

The event had a reasonable turn out of around 90 people from 50 councils. It would have been nice to seem more representation from the 218 odd town and parish councils in Cornwall. But it is not that easy to find a suitable date or location that pleases all.

The town and parish council were given a budget briefing on the current position and the difficulties for the budget in the next four years.

Questions were asked by the representatives of the town and parish councils; many of the budget, plus others on the individual areas of the representatives. There were the usual questions on planning, the incinerator, car parking, buses and decisions Cornwall Council had previously made.

Sadly only one question was on the Portfolio I cover. But at least it was better than none!


I hope the Councillors and clerks from the town and parish councils in attendance got the message Cornwall Council really wants to work with the town and parish councils. However, we know we are not always going to agree on every idea or request. But we must find solutions together because the future of local government will be very different from where it currently is now.

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