The Red Rose Takes It

News came to me last night via text message that Jude Robinson had won the Camborne North seat for Cornwall Council. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Jude on winning this seat, more interestingly, she won this seat as a Labour candidate, the first for this party on this new(ish) authority.

The turnout for the vote was low, around 20% and so I am told a good number of the votes were by means of the postal ballot. Commiserations should go to Anna Pascoe who came 3rd in the poll. I worked with her whilst on Kerrier DC and thought she was a great Councillor.

It will be very interesting to see how the other parties respond to Jude the taking seat, I am sure there will be plenty of fun and games with other political parties blaming each other for the state of the Country and County. From my memory, you are only classed as a ‘party’ at Cornwall Council if there are 2 or more people, as Jude is the only Labour Councillor will another Councillor from another group/party join her, or will she be the lone Labour voice in a sea of blue and yellow.

As for the Mebyon Kernow vote, this was a disaster with 32, one more than the Greens. I am sure there will be much soul searching trying to work out where the MK vote went, as Camborne on the whole has a fairly good MK following. As for the Conservatives, again it was a disaster, as it was their seat previously. The former holder of that seat had a decent majority, but this was wiped out. I am sure like MK, the Cons will be having a ‘what happened’ debrief on their failure to hold this seat.

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