The Real Impact of the Budget on Jobs at Cornwall Council

The impact on the recent budget decision is starting to become a hash reality. The spin behind the budget was to cut consultants spending, but in the real world it is effecting contracted staff.

Yesterday, staff who come under the heading Strategy, Localism and Comms were given a briefing by Heads of Service on the cuts to their services. It is a meeting that no staff should have had to attend if Councillors had set a realistic budget, and not one for a catchy headline.

Staff were told five jobs would be cut from Localism, six from Strategy and three from Comms. These are not consultants, or agency staff. This is just the start of the budget decision taking effect. Those departments that are in the firing-line will be asked for voluntary redundancies. If not enough people come forward then there is little option but to go down the line of compulsory redundancies. I have to say these jobs are not extra jobs, but jobs that deliver services. If there is no one employed to do these jobs, then the service stops, or is heavily reduced.

No doubt other service heads will be briefing their staff on cuts to their services in the next few weeks. Cornwall Council is not a fun place to be at the moment. People are very worried, and they have ever reason to be.

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