The Real Government Cuts to Cornwall Council’s Spending

It is hardly surprising, but after the song and dance from the Government on how good the grant for Cornwall is, the real truth is far from it.

The Government said the grant was reduced by 1.75% compared to last year (2012/13), but after the number crunchers at Cornwall Council got past all the spin, it turns out the cut in grant is 6%, or in money terms, £18m.

This settlement is £283,924,000 from a previous settlement of just over £301 million. The settlement also includes £36m for the transfer of the Council Tax Benefit to the Council which is £6 million less than 2012/13.

And yet again, it is the rural council who are hardest hit, with rural councils on average down 3.81%, compared to urban authorities of 2.04%. (SPARSE  Rural Services Partnership of Local Authorities calculations). 

More to follow…..


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