The Race Is On

With the sudden resignation of the Children’s, School’s and Families (CSF) Portfolio holder Cllr Sally Bain for family reasons the question is who will replace her? The role of CSF Portfolio is a very difficult one, one of the hardest that you can do at Cornwall Council.

So who is up to this difficult job. I personally can only think of two Councillors that I believe will do the role credit. The first one is Cllr Chris Ridgers  who is currently the Chairman of the CSF Scrutiny Committee and the other is Cllr John Pollard who is the Vice Chairman. Both have impressed me with their skill and professionalism post OFSTED in getting to grips with this service and making sure it works right.

I am not sure who will get it, the Council does not even have a vote on this as its in the Leader of the Council power to pick who he wants in any of the Cabinet posts. Who will he pick? Well, I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully it will be one of the two I have mentioned.

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