The race is on!

Well its finally going to happen. We will decide who will Govern us for the next 4 or so years in a months time. Who will win is a guessing game I will leave to the “experts”. All I know is that my role as your Cornwall Councillor will not change.

Being an Independent I am not caught up with all the excitement that my colleagues in Political Parties seems to be. I will just go about what I have been doing these last 9 months and come Polling day will make my mark where I think it will be best served.

I think everyone should take the 5-10 minutes to vote. If you aren’t registered to vote then you have until 20th April to register. Make your vote count. If not, you might regret it.


  • Anonymous

    'If you aren't registered to vote then you have until 20th April to register.'

    Just make sure you actually live in The Celtic Nation And Duchy Of Cornwall before you do!

    We don't want any second homer gerrymanderers round 'ere!

  • CN

    When you say 'we will decide who will Govern us', Andrew, it's not entirely clear who the 'we' might be and whether they live in Cornwall at all! Following on from Anon's comment above, here is the scandal, the issues and the implications of multiple property ownership based enhanced voting privileges being addressed:

    Apparently Dick Cole of Mebyon Kernow is the front runner in Newquay/St Austell. This is what is being said about his candidacy:

    “We don’t need yet another corrupt-tri-party-cabal MP for the Newquay/St Austell constituency – we need an honest and straight Cornish MP with insight, talent, experience, sincerity and determination. Mr Cole has proved his mettle, commitment, stamina, integrity and determination over many years. His heart is in Cornwall and devoted to doing the best for Cornwall and her people.

    Mr Cole is the best candidate with the best credentials to best represent his people at Westminster.

    Vote For Cornwall.

    Vote Cole.”


  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    If Dick Cole was standing in my area I would vote for him as a person. I have worked with Dick for the last 10 months and have found him hard working and principled.

    I may not agree with all the MK Party viewpoints, but if I had to vote for a person and not a Party, then Dick would be in line for my vote.

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