The Porthleven 2014 Torchlight Parade

It was that time of year again when Porthleven held its annual torchlight parade. This parade was once part of the now defunct Gala Week, but was re-introduced by the late Ann Miners over 10 years ago. Now, the parade is organised by the Porthleven Community Group. This years event was to help raise money for the new skate park and Cornwall Hospice.


A few of the members of the Porthleven Community Group selling torches. Left to right – Rob (chairman), Tim, Becci and me

Leading up to the event, the weather was pretty awful. But being hardy souls, the community group decided to go ahead and hope (crossed fingers, pray and do a jig) that there would be a break in the weather for the parade to have dry weather. It worked, as for the parade the weather remained dry.  There was also a slight worry as with 30 mins to go, we still had not sold that many torches, but suddenly out of nowhere people appeared and wanted to buy torches. In the short space of time, the group sold all but 100 or so of the 500 torches.

The parade set of led by the Porthleven Town Band,  the Mayor of Porthleven Daniel Williams and Deputy Mayor Barbara Powell which were followed by hundreds of people. I was just amazed at how many people took part in the parade. For every torch, there was at least two / three people accompanying it. It was fantastic to see not only the residents of Porthleven take part, but holiday makers too. It was a real community event and something Porthleven should be very proud of.

The event would not have been such a success if it was not for the Porthleven Community Group. Huge credit and thanks should be given to the group who again organised this – and other events –  in Porthleven. Thanks should also be given Suzie at Four Crows Gallery for helping with the pre-sales, Porthleven Town Band, the Mayor and Porthleven Town Council for their support, the Harbour Inn and Coastline Housing for their continued support to the group.


The parade as it makes it way along the harbour



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