The Police Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall

After a marathon count, that lasted a good twelve hours or more, Devon and Cornwall’s Police Commissioner was duly elected.  The winner to this lofty position is Tony Hogg; ex-RN man and Conservative. So congratulations to Commissioner Hogg for being elected

The numbers behind the election are pretty poor, with only 196,987 (15%) of voters taking part in the election. The two candidates with the most first round votes having to face off with each other because not one candidate got 51% of the first round votes. There numbers are:

Candidate                First preferences   Second preferences  Total

Tony Hogg              55257                         14162                             69419

Brian Greenslade  24719                         12524                             37243

As for the other candidates, this is how they faired in the first round:

Nichola Jane Williams, Labour – 24196; Brian Samuel Blake, Liberal Democrats  – 23948; Robert Lee Smith, UK Independence Party – 16433; Ivan James Jordan, Independent – 12382; William Morris, Independent – 10586; John Noel Smith, Independent – 10171; Graham David Calderwood, Independent  – 8667; Thomas Macpherson, Independent – 4306

The low turnout is worrying, but also is the number of rejected ballot papers. In the first round this was 6339, and in the second it was a staggering 17897. Of course some could just be down to people making a mistake filling in the boxes, but I really believe many spoilt papers were done on purpose as a some sort of protest vote.

There is one thing that has concerned me on the Police Commissioner elections is the number of ‘so-called’ Independent candidates who could hardly be called Independent as they actively belong to political parties. In some cases they are sitting Councillors under a party banner! That is not Independent.

The next 100 days are going to be interesting to see how these new commissioners take command of their various police authority areas. Let’s hope the first 100 days are not just fancy headlines and token gestures. But really can justify the £100 million spent on this process.


  • surely if there is a very low turnout, the decision should be nullified? how can 15% be representative, i think the fact that 85% didnt vote speaks louder, and shows that either 1) they dont care 2) they didnt know enough 3) think that the money would be better spent putting more police where they’re needed

  • The was a By-Election in Manchester that only got a 17% turnout too, does that mean their MP doesn’t have a mandate either? November is not the set time for an Election, and I agree Andrew Wallis with your comment about “fake” independent candidates not naming a Lib Dem councillor in aprticular

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